Episode 4 “Larry Pareigis”

Episode 4 – “Larry Pareigis”

In our 4th episode, Joel speaks with country music promoter Larry Pareigis, President of Nine North Records Nashville’s first “virtual” record label, providing promotion and marketing services to country artists.

NNR concentrates on the established artist that believes in extending their brand independently and the new artist that wants to get their music out there and not wait 18-24 months for their shot with a major.

Larry has a long and distinguished career in radio, having work at over (14) radio stations and prior to opening NNR worked for Hugh Alpert and Jerry Moss at Monument Records. During his decade with the company that would be Sony BMG Nashville, he ran promotion for each label – at some points ALL the labels – under that umbrella, including the aforementioned Monument, Columbia, Epic & Lucky Dog.

This is one episode with tons of knowledge on the country music industry and one that can’t be missed.


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